Websites - Why bother?

I was asked on the weekend

'why should I bother having a website'?

The answer is a simple question - if someone was to google you, what would they find?

It's easy to think that if someone really wanted to find you/work with you/buy from you, they would - but in this day and age, when competition is literally at a customers fingertips, it is far too big a risk to be complacent.

So lets start at the beginning, why bother with a website? I can give you 5 very good and solid reasons why;

1/ It's expected!

I'm sorry, but the days of opening the yellow and white pages are gone. The first thing most potential customer do when looking for a product or service is to 'Google It'. With this in mind, ask yourself, 'if someone was to google what I offer, would they find me or my competitor?' If the answer is 'your competitor', it's time for a review.

But don't despair, it's not that hard to mark your footprint online. The tools are available to you to either develop your own site, or if you are time poor like most of us, employ someone to do it for you. And news alert, it doesn't have to cost the earth!

So give the customer what they expect and put yourself out there with a website.

2/ Speaking of Competitors.....

You can bet your bottom dollar that one or more of your competitors are putting energy into their online presence, in particular their websites. Have you googled your service or product recently? Try it and you will see just where your competitors sit in a potential clients eyes. In an ideal world you would be the competition to look out for!

81% of shoppers conduct online research before making a purchase, so it's crucial you are part of their searching.

If you are starting at the beginning, start doing your own research. Check out your competitors sites, see what you like/don't like. Put your 'potential customer' hat on and see what they would see, what would or wouldn't appeal to them. And once you know what you want and need, make it happen.

3/ Show Off

Websites are like a virtual shop front for your business, they show a potential customer what they want and need to see. From basic information such as how to contact you or where you are located, to product and service based information. A website is your opportunity to show off with one major benefit; it never shuts and it never closes!

So take the opportunity to 'show off' your wares (admittedly some are easier than others). If you are a trade, publish your before and after photos, if you are a service provider promote your client reviews, and if you sell a product - why not post a video of it in use?

And when you are happy with your finished site; share, share, share!

4/ I Can't See You!

Although social media offers some support when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), a website provides far more targeted opportunities to get your business listed at the top of searches. This means, for example, if I were to type in to Google 'Plumber Adelaide', those with active and targeted SEO settings on their website will be listed towards the top of search results. Those without proper SEO settings, and certainly those without a website, will be listed much farther down.

SEO is such a major part of online marketing now, as such there are dedicated companies that specialise in getting that top listing for businesses - all you have to do is google them!!!

5/ Look and Feel Baby

Websites have the beautiful gift of creativity. If you have a vision as to how you would like your business represented in terms of design and feel, a website can reflect this. Social Media on the other hand struggles to provide this freedom, forcing you to work within the confines of their established layouts and formats.

There are so many facets to a website that can be incorporated to keep your site fresh and current, from roll over promotions, embedded video content to live messenger apps. So utilise a website to truly represent you and your business and get funky!

I know this all sounds very logical and obvious, but how on earth can you do all this and worry about running a business at the same time? Well (sales pitch time) Jigsaw Marketing Solutions can help!

If you are a small business, club or organisation, get in touch and we can work on making your mark online!