Meet The Puzzle Piece

Deb Reynolds

Creative Mind, Careful Planner
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Jigsaw Marketing Solutions owner/operator, Deb Reynolds, has spent years developing and understanding the special language of marketing, working in Senior Management roles within a range of industries including hospitality, charity/not-for-profit, membership and construction.
Over 20 years of experience provides the back bone to strategic understanding and pro-active business development. 
Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Jigsaw Marketing Solutions could be the right fit and ideal solution for your business.

Let's put this puzzle together

Why Jigsaw

Jigsaw Marketing Solutions takes great pride in working with clients to best understand their needs and challenges.  No two businesses are ever the same and only once an in depth understanding of a business is gained, can a holistic approach to marketing be formed.


We understand marketing  and we understand business, a strong foundation by which to provide strategies for increasing custom and revenue for clients.  We offer genuine understanding on how hard it can be to work on your business and not just in it.  

Having said all that, there is no reason to complicate things.  We truly believe simple but effective marketing is primary to any successful strategy.  Why make things more complicated than they need to be?


We can prepare and implement the perfect plan for your business to increase customers, members and trade, drawing on specialised experience in e-communications and customer engagement . Offering a range of personalised marketing services and support to your business, we can free you up to focus on whats important; meeting your customers needs and expectations!