Harness your brand and plan for success

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in day out. 

Always plan for success.

Create gripping content to harness your brand.  Be so good they can't ignore you!

Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.  Never rest on your laurels - review, review, review.


The internet is the new phone book, so if you are not 'listed' how can people find you?

Things don't have to be complicated and cost the earth.  Address whats important and make your business known with a sleek user friendly site from Jigsaw Marketing Solutions.

NNN Screenshot.png

NNN Bookkeeping was launched in July 2018 forming the first client site designed by Jigsaw Marketing Solutions.


All copy, graphic and design work completed by Jigsaw.

K Marie ScreenShot.png

As part of a complete rebrand, K Marie Events engaged Jigsaw Marketing Solutions to develop a clean & modern site reflective of the new brand imagery.


All copy, graphic and design work completed by Jigsaw.

Clubs SA needed a gallery based site that also provided video content relating to their annual gala event.  This site is primarily image driven with multiple viewing platforms incorporated.


All copy, graphic and design work completed by Jigsaw.


Jigsaw Marketing Solutions own site was launched in line with the official opening of the business in 2018.


All copy, graphic and design work completed by Jigsaw.

Fleurieu Plumbing and Gas provide a broad range of services with quality finishes and workmanship.  They needed a site to reflect just this.  The use of drone work ads a wow factor to this site.

All copy, graphic and design work completed by Jigsaw.

Federally funded program 'Don't Become That Man' required a full brand roll out and supporting website with facility for live online chat for crisis counselling.

All graphic and design work completed by Jigsaw

Website Screen Shot.png

Club Marion engaged Jigsaw Marketing Solutions to rework their dated and poorly performing site.


All copy, graphic and design work was completed by Jigsaw.

Club Safe ScreenShot.png

Club Safe provide a crucial service to the Licensed Clubs in South Australia, and sought a site reflective of their industry including secure access pages for their members.


All copy, graphic and design work completed by Jigsaw.

The 'Support Your Local Club' campaign was developed by Clubs SA to support the return of Licensed Clubs in South Australia from Covid-19 venue closures.  The website needed to be streamlined and easy to navigate with little functionaility.

All copy, graphic and design work completed by Jigsaw

Let's get creative

Social Media

You are what you share, so if you are not sharing do you really exist?

The existential question of the 21st Century!

Be present, share your brand, learn from others and exist through success.  And when it all gets too hard, get help! 

Jigsaw Marketing Solutions caters for small businesses and organisations that struggle to meet the demands of their social media needs.  Don't get overwhelmed, business growth is at your finger tips.


Let's get social

Direct Mail

Know your customers, know your brand

Do you rely on return customers to meet your business targets?  Do you often wonder how to best speak to your customers or members?  Direct Marketing is one of the most underutilised and often most rewarding strategies for businesses just like yours. 

Jigsaw Marketing Solutions can assist in the many areas of Direct Marketing, starting with the time consuming task of data management to the development of creative content to drive engagement.  These follow up communications can come in many forms and with varying regularity; from monthly newsletters, to one off campaign offers or ongoing servicing reminders.

But lets not be dry about it, there is no need to over complicate these messages.  Jigsaw Marketing Solutions specialise in making your brand sing without diluting your message.  


Let's be direct



Creating that perfect image that represents your business and your brand is often one of the most daunting and challenging steps to take when running your own business.  You want your design to reflect you, your business, it's ethos and of course be attractive to your target audience.  

Jigsaw Marketing Solutions works closely with clients to understand all these aspects and provides a number of options to work with.  Often a client will have the opportunity to view a number of draft designs before moving forward with a final piece.

Whether working on a business logo, publication, flyer or advertisement - Jigsaw Marketing Solutions ensures their clients are involved every step of the way.


Design for me


Consultancy is a scary word for some people - but it shouldn't be!  Why not pick the brains of a specialist without the permanency of employing them?

Jigsaw Marketing Solutions take pride in understanding the intricacies of their clients whilst thinking outside the box to prepare strategic plans to increase business engagement.  Sounds a bit like mumbo jumbo we know, but rest assured the engagement of a marketing consultant will not only save you time but should bring in extra cashola too!

So if you are happy to do the hard work, or you want to start from scratch with active social media and website development, let us get you started with a clever and strategic plan personalised for your business.


Are  you happy with your logo?  What is your brand colours? Are you consistent with your imagery?  Lets look at things holistically


What story do you want to share?  Are you clear in your message?


Need a template?  What about a flyer or business card?  Enhance your brand with good design


Get strategic and plan for the future.  Want to target special dates or run a complete campaign - let us get you started


Want to get strategic?